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Why FreeRIP can't find CD Info?

Though a standard to store tracks metadata (title and artist) on the audio CD itself exists (and it's named CD-Text), only few Audio CDs you buy at the shop includes those very useful info.
FreeRIP does support CD-Text and tries to read metadata info from the Audio CD itself. In the case (very likely) it does not find such info on the Audio CD itslef, FreeRIP searches in an online CD database, named (

Both those databases are user supported. This means that they contain CDs submitted by the users themselves. They contain a huge number of CDs (over 2 millions) but it can happen that a particular CD is not yet listed.

It can also happen that a particular CD drive does not see the CD in the same way other CD drives do (explanation of this is a bit technical - I will probably write something about this in the future), so that the CD is in the database but it is not recognized!

In both this cases, what you can do is join the group of people that support CD database, filling in all the fields and submitting the data to the FreeRIP CD database (Info Tags->Submit to FreeRIP DB menu) , so that other users that will rip the same CD will benefit from your work.

And please remember that CD databases are located on Internet servers, so you need to be connected to the Internet in order to get or store CD info, and you also have to be sure that Windows' firewall or you antivirus/firewall software is not preventing FreeRIP from accessing the Internet!