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UPDATE: FreeRIP Is no More distributing MySearch Toolbar from Version 3.2

What is MySearch Bar?

While installing FreeRIP you probably noticed that it offers to you the installation of an additional component, My Search Bar. It is an add-in toolbar for the Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers which helps you to quickly search the web using multiple search engines, like Google, and Yahoo. All those search engines add, near the search results, some sponsored listings, and we are payed on a revenue share model on advertisement revenues.

So if you want to support us, please install My Search Bar and try it. If you like it and find it useful, just use it for your everyday searches. Otherwise just uninstall it, and continue using FreeRIP alone.

Maybe you would like to ask some questions about this topic. Here follows a list of common questions:

Q.What is My Search Bar?
A. It is a toolbar which installs directly onto your Web browser. Its design allows you to easily search the Web using a variety of popular search engines at your fingertips. It also offers you the ability to add your own personalized buttons and links for one-click access to all your favorite sites and pages on the Internet. The My Search Bar is free to use.

Q.If I install your software I am forced to install My Search Bar?
A. No. You can chose whether to install it or not during the installation process.

Q.If I install My Search Bar and I don't like it, can I uninstall it?
A. Sure, My Search Bar can be easily uninstalled from Install/Uninstall applet of Windows' Control Panel.

Q.Is My Search Toolbar spyware/adware?
A. No, it isn't.

Q.But if My Search is not spyware, how do they make money?
A. As any other search engine, My Search shows related sponsored listings in the search result pages. They are paid from advertiser on a pay-per-click model.

Q.Does My Search pay you on a per-install basis?
A. No, they pay us on a revenue share basis. This means that the more users use My Search Bar for their daily searches, the more money we earn. Number of installs are not important in itself, but of course if you don't install My Search Bar, you cannot use it...

Q.Are you sure that My Search is a good search engine?
A. My Search is not exactly a search engine. It is a meta-search engine, since it allows you to easily use more real search engines, like Google,, Yahoo and LookSmart. So it is as good as Google,, Yahoo and LookSmart search engines are.

Q.I don't like My Search, may I support you in a different way?
A. Sure! You can support us in many other ways. Maybe you can suggest our software to your friends, or talk about it in your blog, home page or favourite forums. Your help and links are always welcome. And of course you can purchase FreeRIP Pro.