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FreeRIP Internet Explorer Toolbar

Since Version 3.2 FreeRIP offers a new tool: FreeRIP Internet Explorer Toolbar.

It is a toolbar that is installed within Microsoft Internet Exploer interface and provides shortcuts to daily search tasks, like search the web, search images, videos, song lyrics and so on.

FreeRIP Toolbar search is powered by Qemit search engine. The agreement we signed with Qemit states that they pay us a revenue share on the ADs sold on searches driven by FreeRIP, so using FreeRIP toolbar for every day searches is a great way to help and support FreeRIP project.

You can enable FreeRIP toolbar while installing FreeRIP, but if you had not, you can go to General page of FreeRIP's option window (File->Settings->Options... menu) and check the "Enable Internet Explorer Toolbar" checkbutton.

FAQs about FreeRIP toolbar:

Q. How do Enable/Disable FreeRIP Internet Explorer Toolbar?
A. You can use FreeRIP Option Window (File->Settings->Options... menu) to enable or disable FreeRIP Internet Explorer toolbar at will. Please remember to close all Internet Explorer windows in order to make the settings effective.

Q. Is my privacy safe with FreeRIP Toolbar?
A. Short answer is: Yes. FreeRIP toolbar will not send or record personally identifiable information from your computer. Anyway for a more exhaustive answer, please check out Qemit Privacy Policy.