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FreeRIP MP3 Converter, mp3 convert, audio converter - Advanced Features

Search options

An exciting new feature of FreeRIP MP3 Converter (mp3 convert, audio converter) is the ability to search for many useful things related to your CD. You can search for information about the band/artist as well as images, audio, video, general or song-specific lyrics and search Amazon for the band/artist, all from the convenience of the program! The search engine My Way is used, which searches Ask, Google, Yahoo! and LookSmart.

Screenshot of FreeRIP

FreeRIP database

New in this version, also, is the connection to the FreeRIP database which is a collaborative CD information database like freedb (in fact it is an evolution of freedb) but with more detailed information fields. Usually there isn't any text information stored on CDs (such as track titles, artist, album title, etc.) so we created this huge database on the internet so that FreeRIP MP3 Convert can automatically retrieve accurate CD information.
The database is a collaborative project, so users can contribute to it by filling in as many details as they can and submitting the changes to the database by clicking on Info Tags > Submit to FreeRIP DB